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Filet Mignon Mushroom Madiera Burgers

26 Sep 16 Read more

Spoon University Loves Three Jerks at Smorgasburg LA

31 Aug 16 "I am going to tell you right out the gate that this stuff shocked me and exceeded my expectations in a major way. When I usually think of jerky I think of my favorite childhood snack – you know, that greasy, chemical laden strip that oozed orange goo when you squeezed it? But rest assured my friends – this is nothing like that jerky." Read more about Three Jerks and all the deliciousness at Smorgasburg LA here. Read more

Meat + Poultry Highlights Three Jerks Burgers

31 Aug 16 Check out what Meat + Poultry has to say about our Filet Mignon Burgers. We're taking Filet Mignon off the pedestal! Click here. Read more

We Got Food Covered Covers Some Jerks

31 Aug 16 We sat down and talked shop with We Got Food Covered. Check out what The Jerks have to say about our burgers and our biz. Click here!  (Btw, its a few pages long so click the next page button to keep reading) Read more

Three Jerks Jerky, The Best Back-to-School Snack

16 Aug 16 Most parents experience both eager anticipation (maybe even great joy!) and a bit of dread when facing this time of year when their kids will be heading back to school. While you are glad that they will be back to learning great things and will no longer be nagging you about how to occupy their time, the long list of things to do in preparation can be a bit intimidating. One of the dilemmas you will be facing again this year is making sure your kids have the nutrition and protein they need to... Read more