Make Jerky Great Again

"A candidate who will pick our country up by its meaty collar and raise our hopes for the future." - Erin Brunette

"Bitter campaign rhetoric and salty politics have torn this country apart like a cheap piece of meat, but Phil A Mignon deliver's the tenderness we've been yearning for." - Bill Oh Reilly

Join us. Make jerky great again.

Folks, together we embark on a new day in America where we ask not what our country can do for us, but what we can do to make our country's beef jerky great again. With Phil A. Mignon we won’t stand for tough jerky or salty politics because we are a party of meaty visionaries & friendly jerks with a more tender vision of tomorrow. Today is the day and the time is now. Let's take back our meat and Make Jerky Great Again!

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