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New Grass Fed Beef Jerky Made From

100% Grass Fed Beef Top Rounds!

Our Beef Jerky Products contain absolutely No:
  1. Added MSG
  2. Artificial ingredients
  3. Preservatives
  4. Sodium nitrates
Our jerkies DO contain:
  • Mouthwatering flavorful Top Rounds of Grass Fed Beef with our unique, mind-blowing flavor combinations.
  • And as always ALL-NATURAL ingredients that you can pronounce!
  • Great Cuts of Beef…..Clean Ingredients…..Great Jerky!

Jerky That Will


Prepare yourselves, fellow jerks, for the most mouthwatering tender meaty goodness ever created. As passionate foodies at Three Jerks Jerky we have spent countless hours experimenting, testing and refining our craft. The result: elevated versions of a beloved yet traditionally average snack.

Forgive our immodesty - but we’ve raised the bar to create the best beef jerky on the planet.

No longer is the meaty deliciousness of jerky limited to road trips and dateless Friday nights with Netflix and no chill (we’re not judging, we love Netflix). You’ll be finding all kinds of occasions to serve up our scrumptious all-natural beef jerky. The finest cuts of filet mignon and highest quality spices combine to create gourmet beef jerky that will Blow. Your. Mind.

Flavors You Never Knew

You Couldn’t Live Without

Go old school with our beefy and savory original flavor, satisfy your southern bbq cravings with our spicy and savory memphis bbq, or experience a delicious flavor explosions with our sweet and tangy chipotle adobo jerky.

Like scientific jerks in the lab, we’ve been at it again. We’re excited about our recent creations of two new premium and limited edition jerky flavors - get them before they are gone!

Our “I Can’t Believe It’s Not” Hamburger Jerky is like a portable filet mignon hamburger with layers of burger-y infused flavors (think ketchup, mustard and pickles)-no napkins required!

Our Maple Bourbon Churro Jerky is - well - need we say anything more than meat candy? No, but we’ll add it’s a party in your mouth. Period.

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