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Loaded Jerky Tots

19 Jun 19   Let’s face it, we're in the renaissance of the Tater Tot. This shareable, snackable finger food is popping up on gastropub and fast casual menus across the country. There are a thousand ways to load up your tots, but our favorite ingredient is Three Jerks Jerky, of course.     Ingredients: Three Jerks Jerky (Any Flavor Works Great!)Tater TotsShredded Cheddar CheeseSour CreamPaprikaFresh Chives   Directions Bake or deep fry potato skins according to package directions and season with pap... Read more



Jerkified Potato Skins

14 Jun 19   Cookout season is upon us and while grilling everything from steaks, burgers and chops to chicken, fish and veggies is an easy upgrade to any menu, side dishes are often the star of the show. For another take on Potato Skins, consider new toppings like Three Jerks Jerky that bring flavor and fun to any BBQ.     Ingredients: Three Jerks Jerky (Any Flavor Works Great!)Russet PotatoesCheddar CheeseDiced TomatoesFresh Basil, Thinly Sliced Into ThreadsSour CreamChives   Directions Wash and b... Read more



Avocado Toast Topped with Three Jerks Jerky

29 May 19   Think you’ve sampled every kind of Avocado Toast there is to try? Think again! When it comes to hearty recipes that will keep you satisfied throughout the day, Avocado Toast may not be top-of-mind but, adding tender and flavorful Three Jerks Jerky to the recipe takes this millennial trend to another level. Not only do a few pieces of jerky add protein power to the mix, but the savory and smoky flavor pairs perfectly with mild avocado and tangy goat cheese for a bite you won’t forget. So, h... Read more



Beer, Jerky & Cheddar Dip

03 Apr 19   Happy National Beer Day! Since beer & jerky are two things we live for, we thought we’d whip up a recipe incorporating both. While certain food products aren’t necessarily loved by all, beer is just one of those things that is a consistent crowd pleaser. As food trends change like the weather, this beverage seems to be something that has held its popularity over the years. With new flavors of craft beers and IPA’s popping up every day, it’s almost impossible not to get caught up in the... Read more



St. Patty's Jerky & Booze Pairings

17 Mar 19     As you know by now, we’re pretty into jerky. We love to cook with it, eat it by itself, and pair it with our favorite drinks. In honor of St. Patty’s day, we’ve decided to share some of our favorite jerky & booze pairings. If you’re looking for a good time, try some of these out & take your taste buds on an adventure like never before.   1. Original Jerky – Vodka Cocktail Often imitated but never copied, our original jerky is salt, tangy, and tender. This makes it pair great with... Read more