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Avocado Toast Topped with Three Jerks Jerky

29 May 19


Think you’ve sampled every kind of Avocado Toast there is to try? Think again! When it comes to hearty recipes that will keep you satisfied throughout the day, Avocado Toast may not be top-of-mind but, adding tender and flavorful Three Jerks Jerky to the recipe takes this millennial trend to another level.

Not only do a few pieces of jerky add protein power to the mix, but the savory and smoky flavor pairs perfectly with mild avocado and tangy goat cheese for a bite you won’t forget. So, hold onto your micro-brews and man-buns as you try this simple Avocado Toast upgrade!




Three Jerks Jerky (Any Flavor Works Great!)
Artisan Wheat Bread Slices
Unsalted Butter (Melted)
Herbed Goat Cheese
Vine Tomato
Freshly Ground Black Pepper + Course Sea Salt
Optional: Fresh Oregano



  • Lightly and evenly brush both sides of sliced bread with melted butter. Grill or pan sear until golden brown and cool slightly.

  • Spread goat cheese over the bread and top with sliced avocado and tomato. Season lightly with ground pepper and salt (if desired). Top with two larger pieces of jerky and add fresh herbs.

  • Looking to add a little sweetness to your Avocado Toast? Swap traditional Three Jerks Jerky for the Teriyaki flavor and add fresh herbs.


That's it — Enjoy! Be sure to tag us @ThreeJerksJerky with your creations so we can see how you #FiletAllDay!