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5 Reasons to Give your Jerk Jerky This Valentine’s Day

07 Feb 19 Thinking of gifts for your loved ones can be stressful. Ditch the box of chocolates and not actually thoughtful jewelry (we know, you bought the one with a heart on it) and try something new. Honestly, most V-day gifts aren’t even worth the money, I mean who spends over $100 on chocolate covered fruit anyway? The good news: we’ve got the perfect gift for you.  Below, we’ve outlined 5 reasons why you should give your jerk jerky for Valentine’s Day. Trust us, this full proof gift plan won’t bl... Read more



Jerkified 7 Layer Dip

25 Jan 19  While we all know that various dips are the classic go-to appetizers for tailgating or football parties, often times they’re incredibly under-whelming. Honestly, what the f@!$ are in those store-bought taco dips anyway? Consistently brought to parties, they are almost always pre-packaged, soggy, and a legit disappointment. Ditch the pre-made dip for this deliciously fresh, “Jerkified 7 Layer Dip”. It is packed to the brim with delicious, high quality ingredients like filet mignon jerky that ... Read more



The Perfect Pairing: Jerky + Bourbon

13 Jan 19 When you have an amazing product, it needs an equally amazing counterpart. Just like relationships, foods should only be paired with other things that are going to make them better. Perfect pairings are all about highlighting each other’s kick-assery, and making each other better together. Think about Jay-Z without Beyoncé, or Kim without Kanye, it just wouldn’t work. Our perfect filet mignon jerky deserves an equally perfect pairing. Try out these 5 simple pairings below to rock your taste b... Read more


Filet Mignon: The Superior Cut

10 Jan 19      Many people ask us: why are we so obsessed with filet mignon? Sure, there’s brisket, flank, prime rib, blah blah blah, however, filet mignon is different. We were often told that filet mignon should be relegated for celebrations and special occasions. But when we started our humble little company, we knew that we wanted to change that and we liked “the good stuff”. That’s why our jerky is sourced from the finest filet mignon but priced modestly We’re removing filet mignon from its excl... Read more



Jerkified Bloody Mary

30 Dec 18 We strongly believe that the only way to ring in the new year is by keeping the party going from the year before. Cure your hangover with this Jerkified Bloody Mary recipe. It will keep you feeling good from morning til’ night!   Jerkified Bloody Mary Servings: 1 (double or triple the recipe for extra!) Ingredients: ¼ cup tomato juice3 T vodka1 T Worcestershire sauce1 T hot sauce1 pinch of salt1 pinch of ground black pepper¼ lemon juice1 cup of ice cubes Toppings: 1 stalk of celery1 lime wed... Read more