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5 Reasons to Give your Jerk Jerky This Valentine’s Day

07 Feb 19

Thinking of gifts for your loved ones can be stressful. Ditch the box of chocolates and not actually thoughtful jewelry (we know, you bought the one with a heart on it) and try something new. Honestly, most V-day gifts aren’t even worth the money, I mean who spends over $100 on chocolate covered fruit anyway? The good news: we’ve got the perfect gift for you. 

Below, we’ve outlined 5 reasons why you should give your jerk jerky for Valentine’s Day. Trust us, this full proof gift plan won’t blow up in your face like that lingerie your girlfriends mom accidentally opened.

1. Luxury jerky without the luxury price tag

Everyone wants to live the luxury life, right? That’s why we watch the Kardashians on TV and cry over expensive items on the internet that we’ll never be able to afford. One luxury that has been taken off that unattainable pedestal is our filet mignon jerky. Premium charcuterie in a pouch, your significant other is the perfect fit for our high class jerky experience. Gluten free, preservative free, and down-right delicious, there is no better way to say I love you.

2. Deliciousness First

Everyone knows that food is important in a relationship. If you win over someone’s tastes buds, you’ll inevitably win over their heart. Deliciousness > everything else.

3. There are NO preservatives

 You know how you don’t want any extra BS in your relationship? That how we feel about our jerky. Nobody wants to let annoying family members or irritating best friends add extra stress or problems in their relationship, just like we don’t want gluten or artificial ingredients added to our jerky. 

4. Filet Mignon = the best cut available

It’s only normal to want what’s best for your significant others, that’s why filet mignon is the only option. Since filet is the best cut of meat available, your significant other deserves nothing less.

5. We’re not like the other guys/girls 

You know that your bf/gf is unlike any of the others out there (even the Instagram models and potential tinder relationships), that’s why you’re with them. We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again; we’re not like the other guys. We’re not protein pushers, and we’re most certainly not snobby about our products. Though we are passionate about creating high quality filet mignon jerky that feels like luxury, we aren’t out to act like something we’re not. Our jerky is unique and distinctly better than the rest, just like your ever-loving relationship.

Hopefully this has convinced you why our jerky is the only way to go on this V-day. What else says I love you like some well-seasoned meat?