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Filet Mignon: The Superior Cut

10 Jan 19

Many people ask us: why are we so obsessed with filet mignon? Sure, there’s brisket, flank, prime rib, blah blah blah, however, filet mignon is different.

We were often told that filet mignon should be relegated for celebrations and special occasions. But when we started our humble little company, we knew that we wanted to change that and we liked “the good stuff”.

That’s why our jerky is sourced from the finest filet mignon but priced modestly We’re removing filet mignon from its exclusive pedestal and offering little luxuries that can be enjoyed every day, by everyone. #filetallday


Why is filet sooo much better than all of the other cuts?

Filet mignon, also called Tenderloin, is the most tender cut of beef. In layman’s terms: it melts in your mouth. It’s not too chewy, too gritty, or too fatty. Basically, it’s downright delicious. Filet itself comes from the end of the tenderloin, and has been proclaimed the most adored steak on the face of the planet. Wild, right? Talk about a high-quality product. For a steak lover, it is truly the finest cut of meat.


Why people love it:

People love filet mignon for a ton of reasons. The first is its ridiculously amazing texture. Filet has been known to have an extremely tender yet buttery quality. The second reason is for its nutrient profile. Filet mignon is super lean, really high in protein, and incredibly low in fat. Even non-foodies (what actually is a foodie?) agree that it’s “the finest cut” you can buy. Filet is best when made into jerky (duhhhh), pan-fried, or grilled. Give it a try. Once you go Filet, we can promise that you’ll never stray.