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Why Filet Mignon Makes The Tastiest Beef Jerky

07 Dec 18

Different cuts of beef have different tastes and textures. Some cuts tend to be fattier, while others have lean meat. Cuts of beef can also be more or less tender, depending on where it comes from on the cow. Often the tender cut of meat is the more desired one due to its taste and texture.

Filet mignon is a cut of beef that is sought-after due to its tender texture and great taste. Many people use this cut for steak; however, there are other uses for this delicious cut of beef. A great alternative use for filet mignon is beef jerky.

Curious about why filet mignon makes great beef jerky? The following infographic explains all of the reasons why the texture and taste of filet mignon make this cut of beef great for beef jerky.

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