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Three Jerks Jerky Makes Filet Mignon Beef Jerky Reality

30 Oct 18

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Venice based beef jerky company adds gourmet flair to the industry

Oct. 30, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Three Jerks Jerky introduces The Original Filet Mignon Beef Jerky with the launch of their ecommerce website and in Mario Batali, Joe Bastianich and Lidia Bastianich's food emporium, Eataly NYC. The company produces gourmet beef jerky from 100% filet mignon and natural ingredients without the use of nitrates/nitrites or MSG. The business has grown from a successful Kickstarter campaign in July 2013 in which The Jerks raised 228% of their $20,000 goal.

"We are excited to share a gourmet product with a country that is hungry to upgrade an American staple," says Daniel Fogelson, Co-Founder of Three Jerks Jerky. He and Jordan Barrocas created Three Jerks Jerky in August 2012 when through their dissatisfaction with available beef jerky, set to craft something better. Following a full year of development, the Jerks are pleased to introduce three unique flavors of Filet Mignon Beef Jerky including:

Original: Traditional jerky that combines salty, sweet and tangy flavors with just the right amount of black pepper.

Memphis BBQ: Memphis, TN style blended spices that produce a dry rub creating a sweet and spicy jerky.

Chipotle Adobo: A fusion of east meets west that pairs sweet & pungent adobo marinades with smoky, peppery chipotle spices.

According to Jordan Barrocas, "Filet mignon creates in incomparable piece of beef jerky because it is innately more tender and buttery than any other cut, while being the leanest piece of meat available. The difference is noticeable and after eating Three Jerks Jerky it's tough, no pun intended, to eat any other brand." 

Three Jerks Jerky plans to expand distribution to include gourmet markets, specialty food stores, full service catering companies, hotels and restaurants/bars.

Jordan Barrocas or Daniel Fogelson
Three Jerks Jerky
(424) 703-5375

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