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Music Festival Packing Guide

03 Mar 19


As festival season is nearing, we’re packing our bags and getting ready. Though you really only need to bring yourself, it’s pretty helpful to grab some key essentials to make your experience as rad as possible. We know that packing can be a struggle, so we’ve got you covered. Check out our hand-picked list of essentials below, and you’ll be good to go!  

  1. Sleeping accommodations: tent + sleeping bag, or Airbnb

If you’re the type of person that doesn’t mind doing a bit of camping, we suggest you take the tent & sleeping bag route. While you won’t mind jumping around in the sun and being outside in nature during the day, at night it’s nice to get away from the bugs for a few hours and snooze. Make sure you grab a tent to bring along so that you have a sanctuary out of the sun that will be there when you need it. As for a sleeping bag: after the long days of dancing and singing your heart out, you’re going to need to take a lil’ snooze. While sleeping bags don’t offer the same comfort as your bed does, they get the job done.

If you don’t prefer to rough it in the wilderness and are willing to splurge a bit, try out an Airbnb. There’s tons of dope deals on Airbnb for insanely reasonable prices. Pro tip: make sure to pick a place that’s close enough to the concert venue so you can either 1) walk or 2) take public transportation to save some $$.

  1. Comfy shoes

They say beauty is pain, but it deff doesn’t have to be. There are so many comfortable shoes out there that look great & are hellaaaa comfortable. Vans are great for dudes, and girls have an endless array of comfortable sandals & sneakers: #trendy.

  1. Accessories + Clothes + Cash

While people definitely like to act like they just “threw an outfit together”, you know that festival outfits are meticulously planned. You gotta look good for the ‘gram, yah feel? No matter what, make sure your outfit of choice has a few pockets to carry around some cash so that you can grab band merch.

Simple festival outfits for gals include high rise shorts, flower crowns (obvs), and a cute crop top. Guys have it just as easy; throw on some vans, a hat to shade the sun, some shorts, and a tank top or t shirt. Also, don’t forget a bandana. They totally come in handy for covering your mouth & nose from the dust floating around.

  1. Sunglasses & Hats

Sunglasses and hats are definitely essentials for keeping the sun out of your eyes. Though you’re probably eager to soak up some rays, having something to shade your vision definitely comes in handy when you’ve been outside all day long. Plus, sunglasses & hats help you earn style points (Ray Bans & fedoras, anyone?).

  1. External Phone Charger

You can’t let your phone die, let’s be real. If your phone is dead, how’re you going to consistently update your snap story & post an excessive number of IG pics? Honestly, if you didn’t post it on the internet, did you even go? Nowadays, there are tons inexpensive external chargers that you can charge at home before you go & hold multiple charges so you can use em’ for days. #ThankGod

  1. Sunscreen 

Sunburn sucks, that’s why you should always have some sunscreen handy to keep your skin nice & protected. Don’t be that guy who forgets your sunscreen on the first day and looks like an actual lobster for the rest of the week.. just don’t be.


Last but not least, Three Jerks Jerky is a NECESSITY for music festivals. Our Filet Mignon is ridiculously delicious, elite, and unlike any other. It’s healthy, melts in your mouth, and packs a protein punch that will help to keep you full all day. We know you’ll probably end up spending $$ on festival snacks (I mean, who can pass up funnel cake?), but having some filet mignon jerky on hand will keep you satisfied during the shows and keep you looking like a ballerrrrr.