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Three Jerks Jerky as a Summer Snack

25 Jul 18

Hitting the trails or heading to the campground with a couple cans of beanee weenees or Vienna sausages may be someone else’s idea of a great way to enjoy the summer, but if you have a more refined relationship with food, that might sound about as pleasant as liver and onions (no offense if you happen to be the one person on earth that happens to love liver and onions).

The summer is full of exciting outdoor activities to enjoy, so the last thing you want to do is be stuck in your kitchen making complicated snacks for your friends, your kids, or your next camping trip. Let Three Jerks come to your rescue with the ultimate solution – beef jerky! You’ll find it makes the ideal summer snack as well as being a great addition to all your summer activities.

Say you and your friends are headed out for a multi-day mountain biking and camping excursion. Everyone is on board, except one of your friends that insists that a BBQ at home sounds like more fun. You can always count on Josh for putting his stomach first, but with our Memphis BBQ flavor beef jerky, you just might be able to lure him to join you. Its spicy and savory flavor is the perfect way to give you all the energy you’ll need while satisfying your hunger, and Josh’s need for BBQ.

Beef jerky is a great snack for fishing trips too. Easy to transport, and no utensils needed, so you can focus on reeling in that granddaddy of all fishing stories. We’ve heard it makes pretty good fish bait too, but nobody here is willing to give up any to try it.

When you get back home, the time is perfect for a party, and what better thing to put out as a summer party snack than our Maple Bourbon Churro flavor beef jerky. Its sweet and boozy flavor will compliment your mixologist creations and make you a rock star!

It isn’t just adults that love beef jerky. We’ve found that kids are pretty danged excited to see a few packs of our hamburger or original flavor in their backpack when they get to summer camp. They love the beefy, savory and delicious flavor and it can be a great way to appease the bully in their cabin. Get your kid back without bruises, send them with some amazing beef jerky!

Whether you take it with you, or enjoy it at home, beef jerky is the perfect snack to stop that stomach grumble without derailing your summer fun. Heck, it just might help you feel like it is summer all year long!