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Three Jerks Jerky, The Best Back-to-School Snack

16 Aug 18

Most parents experience both eager anticipation (maybe even great joy!) and a bit of dread when facing this time of year when their kids will be heading back to school. While you are glad that they will be back to learning great things and will no longer be nagging you about how to occupy their time, the long list of things to do in preparation can be a bit intimidating. One of the dilemmas you will be facing again this year is making sure your kids have the nutrition and protein they need to feed those brains so they can more easily learn. That is where Three Jerks Jerky comes to the rescue!

How can you be sure your child gets vital protein? Sure, the school lunches are required to meet minimum nutritional guidelines, but the minimum is sometimes woefully inadequate, especially if your child won’t eat it. It is a bit surprising that today’s lunches are just as bad, or worse than they were when we were kids, isn’t it? Carbs, sugar, fried food, terrible. Send them with a pack of Three Jerks Jerky and you can be confident that their brain gets the support it needs, even if the only thing they consume from the lunchroom is the dessert.

You can feel good about giving your children our delicious jerky as a supplement to their school lunch and also as an after-school snack to give them a great boost when doing homework. It is made from the highest quality cut of beef there is - filet mignon. They’ll get a kick out of telling their friends that they are so special that you only give them the very best. Kids are known for trading, but it’s a good bet that they won’t want to give up this tasty treat. The trading value will be through the roof, though, so you might want to send them with two packs, one to eat and one to trade. You’ll be glad you did when they come home with great loot! Not to mention that you’ve just bumped up their popularity, and gained valuable parent points in the process.   

The convenience of Three Jerks bagged jerky will also make those crazy hectic mornings much easier. Tossing a package into their backpack is sure quick and easy, and with five amazing flavors to choose from, even the most finicky kid will be really glad to see a pack or two (or more!). Kids particularly love our meaty and delicious Hamburger flavor jerky ( that is so amazing they’ll even taste the ketchup, pickle, and mustard! Our Original flavor ( that is beefy and savory is also a popular choice. Give them a snack packed with healthy protein that you can feel good about rather than the unhealthy sugar and carb filled alternatives.

Wish we could help you with all the other school supplies and back-to-school errands, but we are delighted to help you cross this important one off the list. Give your kids the best chance at a productive school year by keeping a supply of delicious Three Jerks filet mignon jerky on hand.