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Why Our Jerky Subscriptions are 💯 🔥

20 Feb 19


Jerks, have you seen our subscription service?  While we may be a little biased, we’re convinced that it’s the best thing since sliced bread.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to get 100% filet mignon jerky delivered to their doorstep every month? While there are a lot of subscription services out there, this is on a whole other level. This service will change your life, trust us.


1. A gift that keeps on giving

Why buy something that you can only use once? Our jerky subscription is a gift that KEEPS on giving! Each month you will receive a new package of jerky directly to your doorstep. Could it get any easier?


2. Who doesn’t love free stuff?

Everyone loves free stuff, especially free FOOD. As humans, the thought of getting something for nothing makes us want to stand in hour-long lines to avoid spending money on the actual product. Most of the time though, free items offered are stupid and not actually worth what you have to do to get them (sorry bout it). Think about it, how many times have you gotten a lollipop, a t-shirt, or a phone cover all for a business that you don’t even like? Our subscription service is different. When you sign up for our monthly service, you receive a FREE bag of jerky, just for signing up. It’s so easy, it’s like taking candy from a baby.


3. You’ll save that moolah $$

As if getting jerky delivered to your doorstep every month isn’t cool enough, when you sign up for our subscription service, you receive an EXTRA 25% off + a FREE bonus bag of jerky. Is this heaven??


4. Customize all you want

Even though we’d be hyped if you tried all of our flavors, we’re not going to force you to. With our subscription service, you are able to customize your monthly bundle and choose ONLY the flavors you want to receive. That way, you can guarantee that you’ll be getting exactly what you asked for. Select a minimum of 3 packs and get 25% off.