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How Much Jerky Was Consumed!?

02 May 18 4300 Ounces of Filet Mignon Beef Jerky!?! Holy Cow! Thank you all who came by our booth at Coachella and Stagecoach! We wanted to share some fun facts from our three weeks in the desert with you and hope you all enjoyed our jerky as much as we enjoyed hanging with you. See you next year! Read more

    Cinco de Mayo de Jerky - The Jerkarita

    27 Apr 18 Margaritas are cool. Jerky is cool. Margaritas aaaand jerky... No seriously it's pretty f-ing awsome. Here's how to make one of these bad boys. We like using Fedencio Mezcal for this drink because it is mild on the smoke, which balances nicely with the jerky. The jerky flavor comes through in the Jerky Symple Syrup, and when combined with the Jerky-Salt rim, the drink is perfect. Just enough smoke, savory, sweet and salty.  Ingredients Jerkarita: 1 Bag Three Jerks Jerky Original Filet Migno... Read more

    Three Jerks Jerky Proudly Goes Where No Jerky Has Gone Before

    08 Apr 18 What was once the best best beef jerky on the planet is now officially the best beef jerky in the galaxy! As per an official NASA request, which evidently came from multiple astronauts, a few aliens and Elon Musk himself, Three Jerks Jerky is delighted to fill the cosmic void with delicious Filet Mignon Beef Jerky. Onboard the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon spacecraft, Three Jerks Jerky is among other "critical cargo" heading to The International Space Station crew. Launch (and subsequent... Read more

    CONTEST: Want Jerky? Then #GetJerky

    28 Mar 18 This may come as no surprise, but at Three Jerks Jerky there’s nothing we do and nowhere we travel without our jerky in tow. It’s the perfect take-anywhere snack, and we have a feeling you’ve taken your jerky to some incredible (or hilarious or simply everyday) places. It’s what connects us and what makes us all jerky lovers. Call it the Brotherhood of the Traveling Jerky, if you will. So, we want to know where you’d take your jerky or where you currently feast on our delicious filet mignon b... Read more

    Three Jerks Says "Stop Jerk'n Flint!" #flintwatercrisis

    16 Mar 18 Flint – Detroit Pistons’ forward and vice president of the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA), Anthony Tolliver, on behalf of the Pistons and NBPA has partnered with Three Jerks Jerky to donate more than $70,000 in retail value of bags of filet mignon beef jerky to The Foodbank of Eastern Michigan to be distributed to families in the Flint community. “It was brought to our attention, that in addition to water donations, high protein, nutritional, ready-to-eat snacks are in need in... Read more