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Three Jerks Backorders

Hey there fellow Jerks,
You may have noticed our jerky is temporarily back ordered. Don’t worry too much though, we will be shipping all further orders early January 2015.  We sincerely apologize for the delay, and although we may be Jerks, we are Jerks who care about you. After being around for about a year and receiving feedback from all of you, we are making a couple improvements. First, the jerky will be more affordable! You can look forward to paying $11.99 vs the old $14.99 price.  Second, we are making our already healthy jerky healthier! All jerky will now be gluten free and lower in sodium without altering the flavor - you’ll probably like it even more!
Thanks for your patience during this short stretch while we implement these improvements and we look forward to feeding you again very soon.
If you have any questions/want to yell at us/want to thank us in the meantime feel free to send a note to
The Jerks